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So many new followers in one day O_O

Hi to all my new followers! There are like…over 30 of you O_O

I’m extremely grateful for all the attention my Yang post from yesterday received and all the people who decided to follow me. It was quite overwhelming, but please know that I was not the one who drew the Yang illustration. I only shared my dream I had and that artwork that I happened to find on a random site (not at the source) went very well with it. 

I am aware that all artwork should be sourced properly and the pic itself had a watermark URL. So I left that out and somehow, my simple post exploded on Tumblr for some odd reason. I wish my awesome dream being Yang was the reason, but I realized later in the day, completely shocked at the number of Notes, that it was the artwork. Very sorry for everyone who thought I was somehow claiming it as my own. As a story writer myself, that is always a sad truth to accept in our visually driven internet culture.

Soooo I totally understand if after reading this you decide to unfollow me due to mistaken expectations, but I sincerely hope you will stick around and find some merit in my Tumblr. I’m an artist too. Just not the kind you were expecting. 

♥ Amai

P.S. Here is the source to the actual artist in case you missed it. Please give them your love for THEIR Yang art:


Anonymous asked:

So I've been logged out of tumblr for personal reasons but I went to search the RWBY tag and came across your Yang AND I GOT REALLY EMOTIONAL AND TEARED UP SORRY

Ahaha don’t worry about it! Though I’m glad you decided to feel well enough to come back to Tumblr, I feel bad that you got emotional because of art that I didn’t draw. The picture has a source watermark so I didn’t link the source in my post until I came to the conclusion people were only reblogging it because they thought it was my artwork when it was just a lovely pic that fit my dream. Please give the original artist your love. : )

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